Revive Your Health
This August 29, 2019

1:00-4:00 PM

Serendipity Labs
3550 Lenox Rd NE 21st Floor,
Atlanta, GA

Come Join Warren Cargal and Chef Megan

For a talk and cooking demo to learn how the foods we eat can reverse chronic disease conditions and accelerated aging.

  • Learn about your microbiome (the bacteria that live inside of you) and how an unhealthy microbiome creates inflammation.
  • Learn which foods interact with the unhealthy microbiome to drive the chronic disease conditions of Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Cognitive decline, Arthritis, Cancer and Accelerated Aging.
  • Learn what foods to eat to nourish the friendly bacteria for reversing these chronic disease conditions and take your health back into your own hands.
  • Sharron Leigh, L. Ac and Jen Shumaker will give demos on using acupuncture and detoxification methods coupled with dietary modification to improve your health.
  • Barcelona VinoTeca will provide a wine tasting for some of their GREAT organically grown wines.
  • Atlanta's own Nuts & Berries discuss the benefits of CBD Oil.

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Reclaim Your Health