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Warren L. Cargal, Author
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About Warren

Hi. I’m Warren Cargal, husband, father of an incredible young man, avid cyclist, board-certified Acupuncturist with 20+ years of experience, and author of two books:

I believe that all of us deserve a healthy, vital life and that we have the potential to create that for ourselves.

My fundamental approach for helping you achieve a healthy creative life is to support you in questioning long-held beliefs about the root causes of chronic disease or aging. There is ample evidence which shows that the greatest health transformations unfold when you address the root cause. What you may not realize is how vital a role you play in your health and in improving it.

At my clinic, Acupuncture Atlanta, my team and I work every day to empower people who are dealing with chronic disease conditions. Over and over again we find that healing can sometimes be as simple as lifestyle interventions that are often ignored by mainstream medicine.

If you’re a practitioner or health coach, my books offer you the latest research on the driving forces of chronic disease condition, aging and how our consciousness creates our health and creativity.

My Story

I want to share with you the events that set me on this path of questioning ...

In high school, I had a transformational experience. I was a runner on the track team and was ranked in the top 10 in the State of Texas. During a regional track meet, I fell and ruptured a disc in my lower back. For the next six months, I experienced sciatic pain running down my leg and was walking stooped over as it was difficult to stand straight. During that time period, I tried physical therapy and was on pain medications while completing my senior year.

I was not making much progress in recovering and my doctor referred me to a surgeon. The surgeon informed me that, based on my injury, I needed surgery to fuse two discs in my lower back. He also said if I didn’t have this surgery I would end up losing bowel control and would need a colostomy. This was a serious prognosis.

My mother, bless her heart, was a nurse and was the one who had been scheduling my doctor and therapy appointments. Outside this surgeon's office, she informed me we were going to see a chiropractor. This was definitely “outside the box” thinking for my mother.

After one treatment, I was able to stand straight again and, after 10 treatments, my sciatic pain was gone. The realization I had after my first chiropractic treatment was how decisions we make can have profound consequences on us for the rest of our life. My mother saved me from surgery. I am sure the surgeon was a good intentioned individual, however his training and his point of view was that surgery was the only way I was going to get better. I walked away from that experience with the understanding that my health is my responsibility. I can defer to someone to make a health decision for me or I can be actively involved in my health and well being which means questioning and sometimes challenging entrenched positions about health.

Today, there are many ways people can be actively involved in taking their health back into their own hands ... What is your choice?

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